Wednesday, September 06, 2006

They Call It "Humpday" for a Reason...

I don't think it is because we're over the hump, I think it refers to the hump in my back. I'm tired but happy. Yesterday was my first day as "learning concierge" and I loved it. I love classroom teaching but this is a great change even if only for Monday and Tuesday.

This is a big week for birthdays in my family. Matt's is tomorrow, Heather's is the day after that and Amy's is 9/11. I'm planning a visit to her soon. Maybe that will be my chance to knit since I can't really take my work with me! I want to finish the silk sari purse. When I titled this "Knit Much Going On" I didn't think it would really end my knitting career. Had I known the effect of a name I'd have named it "Freakishly Successful" so all my dreams could come true! (Vote Pedro)

Well, I'll finish correcting papers and head to the snooze basket. Wink-wink, Clover!


Anonymous Amy said...

Hey mom! Um, I noticed a mistake Heather's birthday is today 9/7, and Matt's birthday is 9/9. I love you!

10:32 AM  

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