Sunday, August 27, 2006

Party People

We just got home from a great party for Matt and Julie held in Lincoln. Our hostess is also a fantastic knitter and has recreated a beautiful cabled $1200 cashmere designer purse for a smidgen of the price. I took photos but I'm too tired to try and get them off my camera tonight. We have another party tomorrow. A charming little boy in the family is turning 2! He is actually Amy's cousin's son. I don't know off hand what you call it--first cousin once removed or second cousin. Whatever, he's precious.


Blogger KTB said...

well aren't you just the social butterfly! We're off to Columbus tomorow to try and find housing and the dreaded daycare search begins again...You should know that your "grandson" has repeatedly told me he misses you and Amy recently, and your pup too. cuz he couldn't forget tinky :)

3:29 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

hey you! i hope you're having fun having amy at home. tell her hi! from me. as usual, i am really going over-board on the whole Rainbow thing, i'm kinda pooped! i hope that your first week of school won't be too stressful for you ... maybe knitting on wednesday night?

11:45 PM  

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