Saturday, September 02, 2006

A Day of Rest

What a great week! But I did enjoy sleeping in today. I'm feeling my age this week but have also dropped about 5 lbs. from being back at work. Some "Mama-drama" from a parent but nothing out of the ordinary. We have Monday off then Pam will teach Tuesday and I'll be back at it Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

I had a l----0----n----g lunch with Karen today at Fresh Choice. It was great to chat with her. I also took my pictures in to be developed and hope to load a few on here.

We celebrated Amy's 21st with a "little" cake at home. Not really enough room for 21 candles so I just used 2 and 1.

I'm going to go back and add more pictures to the appropriate entries.

I hope to get some work done around the house this weekend and go visit Mom. And then...maybe I'll knit on Monday! Woohoo!


Blogger yarngirl said...

The cake looks great! Very delicious! thanks for your comment on my blog. Not much knitting on it yet but there will be soon.

5:47 AM  

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