Saturday, December 16, 2006

Finger Knitting!

It has been quite a while but I'm still kicking. I taught all my students (36) how to finger knit this week and they LOVE it! We're studying early California and the wagon trains that brought the pioneers west. I bought them each a ball of Lily "Sugar and Cream" and taught them how to find the center of the ball, tie a slip knot and got them knitting on 4 fingers (some on 3 fingers making i-cord). They wouldn't put it down! Since it was Thursday of our last week before "Winter Break" that was fine--it's mathmatical and scientific! I've offered to teach how to 'needle knit' after we return in January. After school, of course! I'll have to bring photos. I hope to get some knitting done this break.

Amy comes home this next week after her finals. I'm excited to have her home for a while. No big plans for the holidays, just spending it with family. Peace to all!